AfropolitanDC Presents "Kizomba De Mayo"

Join us on Friday May 6th for another amazing night of connections & culture over cocktails. This month features a short(7-7:30pm)yet exciting Kizomba dancing session  with one of DC's best professional Kizomba instructors, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an Afro-Caribbean twist. We will also be spicing up the experience with some scrumptious Afro-Caribbean hors d'oeuvres catered by Adun


FYI: Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music originating from Angola. It is a sensual partner dance (similar to salsa) with its own unique African rythm and can evoke a great feeling of connection, smoothness , etc.










RSVP by Thursday May 5th to be added to the guestlist 


You must be checked in by 7pm for free admission. There is usually a line at the door so plan to arrive latest by 6:30pm to ensure you are checked-in by 7pm. 


Age Limit: 21 (Typically 25 and over)  - Matured Clientelle Only


Dress Code - Strictly Enforced

Ankara Wear, Professional, Business Casual, Chic  

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Friday May 6th 

Time: 6-10pm 

Venue: Soundcheck

1420 K Street, NW DC 20005


Closest Metro Stations

1. McPherson Square Metro

Featuring Oscar - Kizomba Instructor   



Our new signature speed networking activity allows a unique opportunity to develop & form genuine connections within a small select group out of the larger group of over 700 professionals  




The experience features a rich tapestry of African art and cultural performances 


This month features an exciting  Kizomba dancing session with one of DC's best instructors - Oscar 

Music & Dance 


The highlight of night is the 2nd half when the event transitions into an electrifying experience where our A-list DJs energize the dance floor and take the crowd on an Afro-Caribbean music journey. 

DJs: Claude Di Martian, DJ MissRock

Venue & VIP Space

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Our DJs 

Claude Di Martian 

DJ MissRock 


& Partners 

The Experience 

Featuring Afro-Caribbean Hors D'Oeuvres 


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