Theme - Ankara Runway

Join us on Friday June 17th for an amazing evening of connections and culture over cocktails at H'town's largest Afro-Caribbean mixer for diaspora professionals. 

The cultural showcase segment will feature a mini fashion show and we will also be spicing up the experience with some scrumptious Afro-Caribbean hors d'oeuvres including suya, jerk chicken wings, fired plantain and other African and Caribbean favorite bites.

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Friday June 17th

Time: 6-11pm 

Venue: Kress Ultra Lounge 

2207 Richmond Avenue, Houston TX 77098


Hosted by MC Mikolo







RSVP by Thursday June 16th to be added to the guestlist 


You must be checked in by 7pm for free admission. There is usually a line at the door so plan to arrive latest by 6:30pm to ensure you are checked-in by 7pm. 


Age Limit: 21 (Typically 25 and over)  - Matured Clientelle Only


Dress Code - Strictly Enforced

Ankara Wear, Professional, Business Casual, Chic  



Our new signature speed networking activity allows a unique opportunity to develop & form genuine connections with several professionals across various industries. 



The experience features features a rich tapestry of various African art expressions. This month features live painting by Don Gaines



The highlight of night is the 2nd half when the event transitions into an electrifying experience where our A-list DJs energize the dance floor and take the crowd on an Afro-Caribbean music journey. 

DJs: Silent Killa, DJ Kweks

Venue & VIP Space

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Our DJs 

DJ Silent Killa

DJ Kweks 

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Note: RSVP and check-in rules apply. All guests must be on your list for admission. Guests whose names, emails and/or phone #s are not provided will not be included in your party. You and all your guests must arrive before 7:00pm for free admission. You and your guests must pay the admission fee after this cutoff time. However, arrival time will not affect the guests of guests program benefits.


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Afro-Caribbean Hors D'Oeuvres

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