Theme -  Soundz From The Diaspora 

On Friday July 1st, AfropolitanNYC will bring to life the musical creations of some of the most talented NYC based diaspora artists as we celebrate the independence of US and 9 African countries and caribbean countries. Join us for a grand independence celebration and for another amazing night of connections and cultural celebration over cocktails at NYC's largest Afro-Caribbean mixer featuring a line-up of amazing live performances by some of NYC very best.

Independence Celebration(10 Countries) - USA | Liberia | South Sudan | The Bahamas | Rwanda | Somalia | Burundi | Algeria | Cape Verde | Comoros | Malawi 

We will also be spicing up the experience with some scrumptious Afro-Caribbean hors d'oeuvres including suya, jerk chicken wings, fried plantain and other African and Caribbean favorite bites.










RSVP by Thursday June 30th to be added to the guestlist 


You must be checked in by 7pm for free admission. There is usually a line at the door so plan to arrive latest by 6:30pm to ensure you are checked-in by 7pm. 


Dress Code - Strictly Enforced 

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Friday July 1st 

Time: 6-11pm 

Venue: Copacabana (Rooftop)

268 W 47th Street, New York, NY 10036

Hosted By Lesley Chukwuma  



Network with over 700 professionals & make new friends through our networking activity. 


Our signature networking activity allows the opportunity to form genuine connections with a small select group out of over 700 professionals who attend the event





We will be spicing up the experience with some scrumptious Afro-Caribbean hors d'oeuvres 

Music & Dance 


The highlight of night is the 2nd half when the event transitions into an electrifying experience where our A-list DJs energize the dance floor and take the crowd on an Afro-Caribbean music journey. 



DJs: DJ Spynfo, DJ Freshy K

Venue & VIP Space



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Our DJs 

DJ Spynfo

DJ FreshyK


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Featuring Afro-Caribbean Hors D'Oeuvres