"Diaspora Unity & Empowerment For Africa's Development"

Our mission is to unleash the full potential of the African Diaspora by bridging the Diaspora divide through cultural experiences that enable ethnic groups in the Diaspora to learn about each other. Our goal is to build a united and dynamic global Diaspora network and connect and empower Diaspora communities , businesses and professionals around the world for opportunity creation and socio-economic development. 


The Afropolitan Experience 

Afropolitan fuses networking, Cultural showcase, business spotlight, food, music and dance into a unique 5-hour cultural, inspirational and entertaining experience hosted at a variety of upscale lounges the various cities have to offer. It's one of the most diverse and inclusive experiences with representations from most African and Caribbean nationalities. The series also recognizes and celebrates the independence of all African and Caribbean countries each month in all cities, to promote African/black unity. Highly anticipated, Afropolitan is the premiere if not the only choice of authentic upscale Afro-Caribbean social experience for diaspora professionals in the respective cities. 


6 - 7:30pm 

The Afropolitan experience begins with a stimulating networking session where over 3000 accomplished diaspora professionals across 5 cities connect & exchange ideas. 



The Afropolitan experience features a rich tapestry of African art expressions including artist performance, fashion, food, music, art exhibition, spoken word etc. 



The first highlight of the evening is the business spotlight segment when inspiring entrepreneurs doing great things in the community captivate the audience with their stories. 

MUSIC & Dance


The highlight of the night is the 2nd half when it transitions into an electrifying dance where our network of A-list superstar DJs energize the dance floor and take the crowd on an Afro-Caribbean music journey.