Vendor Guidelines

AfropolitanCities invites you to be vendor for our monthly series in your city as well as other cities. Please note that the monthly series has very limited space for vendors, hence vendor opportunities are not guaranteed.

Application Deadline

Vendor applications must specify month and city. It is strongly advised you submit your vendor applications latest 3 weeks before the day of the event. Vendor application must be submitted online

Arrival Time & Setup

Vendors must arrive latest an hour before the start of the event for setup. Most Afropolitan Cities events are high traffic events hence vendors must complete setup before guests arrival to avoid disrupting the check-in process. Afropolitan Cities may cancel vendor arrangement if vendor arrives late in which case vendor may forfeit vendor benefits and fees.

Other Terms

Vendor Table

The vendor packages only includes vendor space and not tables. Vendors must bring their own tables unless agreed otherwise. 

Internet, Power & Other utilities

Internet access is not included in the vendor packages. Vendors must bring internet access unless agreed otherwise. Some venues sometimes make their internet accessible to vendors. If so, this will be communicated to all confirmed vendors a week before event. 

Power Source

If your equipment requires a connection to a power source, please bring a long extension cord as the venue will not provide you with one. You will need a 15’ standard cord.

Other utilities

Vendors are encouraged to bring lighting and other needed utilities. There is no guarantee the venues will have the needed utilities.


Customer Payment Options

Vendors are required to prepare for both cash and credit card payment options by customers as most customers do not always carry cash.

Food Vendors


Food Service Establishment License by department of health and hygiene in the respective states is required to serve food at any Afropolitan Cities event 

Food Handling

Please make sure you use gloves when serving food, all food vendor staff handling food should have hair net and no food (covered/uncovered) should be placed on the ground.

Food Service Items

The following supplies will be needed onsite as we do not provide any of these items


  • Food Menu for attendees to be informed of what is available and the cost

  • Business Cards or Flyers for attendees

  • Plates (sample or tasting size plates)

  • Gloves (for staff to use to handle food)

  • Hair cover/net (for staff to use while serving food)

  • Table Cloth

  • Warmers & Lighters

  • Warmer Stands

  • Serving Spoons/ Forks

  • Change (For cash transactions)

*Check the expected number of attendees to determine the appropriate number of plates, forks and other supplies to bring on site

Ads & Pomotion

Vendor Ads & Images 

Vendors are required to send Afropolitan Cities company logo as well as any flyers, ads and images for promotional purposes where necessary. This media kit must be sent within 24 hours of successfully paying the vendor fees. 


Vendors are required to promote their participation at Afropolitan Cities via social media, email, website etc.