Afropolitan cities is your gateway to Diaspora communities and one of the the largest nation-wide network of black professionals across multple metropolitan cities.

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We aspire to make AfropolitanCities a branded series through partnerships with organizations that share our goal of building, uniting and empowering Diaspora communities.

The population of the African Diaspora (African Immigrants, Caribbeans & African Americans) is estimated to be over 47M with combined purchasing power of over $1.3M.


AfropolitanCities has grown a strong brand and loyal network of over 50K Diaspora professionals across 7 cities with a goal of expanding into 18 cities by end of 2018.


AfropolitanCities provides a unique opportunity for corporate brands to penetrate several Diaspora markets across various regions and develop and maintain strong bonds with thousands of affluent and well educated professionals on a monthly basis through our monthly mixers and other cultural experiences in the various cities.


The movement now touches an audience of over 1.5M through our digital marketing, PR, campaigns and other marketing initiatives.  


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Achieve The Greatest Marketing Impact