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Vendor Guidelines

Please read our vendor guidelines carefully as it outlines our terms and instructions for vending at Afropolitan Cities event. Please not that violation of the vendor terms may result in termination of vendor agreement or losing your vendor slot without refund

Online Business Profile Required

Vendors are required to create a business profile on Afropolitan Cities market place to maximize online exposure and also enable easy sharing of business and contact info with event attendees and online visitors  

Arrival Time & Setup

Vendors must arrive 1-2 hours before the start of the event for setup. Vendor communication for the various events will specify whether the event will be indoor or outdoor and the earliest and latest times for setup. 

Things Not To Bring or Do

No vendor is allowed to bring and or sell water or other beverage of any kind as this violates our agreement with the venues. Water or beverage sales of any kind, unless agreed otherwise, will result in automatic cancellation of vendor agreement and vendor slot without refund. 

Things To Bring

Vendor packages only come with the vendor space (6x6 vendor space for indoor event and 10x10 vendor space for outdoor) events. Vendors are expected to bring everything needed for setup, including but not limited to the list the below. 

Vendor Table

All vendors must bring vendor 6 x 2.5ft (or 72 x 18 inch) table for setup. No vendor table will be provided. All vendor tables must fit within the assigned vendor space per vendor

Customer Payment Options

Vendors are required be prepared to offer and take all forms of cash and electronic payments to potential customers including but not limited to square, paypal, cashapp, venmo, etc as most customers do not always carry cash. Providing options will help minimize customer complaints and avoid customers having to  leave the event just to go get cash

Internet, Power & Other utilities

Internet access is not included in the vendor packages. Vendors must bring internet access points if needed, unless agreed otherwise. Some venues sometimes make their internet accessible to vendors. If so, this will be communicated to all confirmed vendors before the day of the event 

Power Source

If your equipment requires a connection to a power source, please bring a long extension cord as we do not provide the extension cord. You will need a 15or 25 inch standard cord.


If you need lighting for your display, especially for indoor events, make sure to bring battery operated portable lighting as we cannot guarantee any level of brightness at the venue or a nearby power source

Other utilities

Vendors are encouraged to bring other needed utilities. There is no guarantee the venues will have the needed utilities.

Food Vendors

Food Service Establishment License by department of health and hygiene in the respective states is required to serve food at any Afropolitan Cities event. You must upload a copy of your food license during the vendor application or email a copy to 

Food Handling

Please make sure you use gloves when serving food, all food vendor staff handling food should have hair net and no food (covered/uncovered) should be placed on the ground.

Food Service Items

The following supplies will be needed onsite as we do not provide any of these items

  • Food Menu for attendees to be informed of what is available and the cost

  • Business Cards or Flyers for attendees

  • Plates (sample or tasting size plates)

  • Gloves (for staff to use to handle food)

  • Hair cover/net (for staff to use while serving food)

  • Table Cloth

  • Warmers & Lighters

  • Warmer Stands

  • Serving Spoons/ Forks

  • Change (For cash transactions)

*Check the expected number of attendees to determine the appropriate number of plates, forks and other supplies to bring on site

Allowed Number of Team Members & Guests

Allowed Number of Guests

vendors are allowed to bring upto two team members to help with setup, operation and engaging with customers

Event Promotion


Vendors are required to promote their participation at event via social media, email, website etc. to maximize turnout for the event 

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