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Diaspora Market Place 

Connecting the world to Africa through culture & commerce. Our market place makes it easier than ever to discover, access and experience African culture and products. 

Start Exploring 

Explore & discover African cultural experiences(events & travel) and products. Learn and connect with various Diaspora businesses and creatives across multiple cities. We bring you the power for access and discovery though four market places

Culture Exchange


African Events & Travel Experiences

Explore, discover and get personalized recommendations on the best local African events cultural and group travel experiences 


Talent Market

Explore, discover and book the best talent in Africa and in the Diaspora for your events. 

Product & Business Market Place


Product Market Place

Explore, discover and get personalized recommendations for several categories of unique African products, eg fashion, accessories, groceries, hair & body products, etc 

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Services Market Place 

Discover and get personalized recommendations for several categories of small and large local African businesses offering unique products and services


Diaspora Business Directory

Discover, learn about and connect with various businesses in the African Diaspora, through our Diaspora business directory

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