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Our executive team partners with our local team in each city to run our 8 city operation. We are constantly seeking passionate minds to help improve and execute on the Afropolitan agenda. You can join our team or participate through our brand ambassadorship or internship program

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Meet The Team

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Kweku Amoako

Founder & CEO 

Director of  Event Strategy & Operations

Seyi Sofalahan

Director of Technology & Product Development

Director of Sponsorship & Business Development

Community Partnership Manager

Brand Ambassadorship Manager 

Social Media Marketing Manager 

PR Manager

Marketing Director

Brand Manager

Blogs & Content Creation

Merchandize Manager 

Director of Talent Acquisition & Human Capital Development 

Event Producer 

Vendor Management Lead

Financial Analyst

Director Music & Charts

Selassie Ahorlu

City Partner & Event Producer

Los Angeles

Erkka Hammerr

Event Producer 

Washington DC   

Nikki Quintero

Event Producer 


City Partner & Event Producer

New York 

Evelyn Onyehuruwa

City Partner & Event Producer 


Stella Kinawa

Event Producer 


Beza YegAlem

Event Producer


Charlette Jamison

Event Producer  

Washington DC

Simone Coleman

Event Producer  

Washington DC

Team Section
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